Friday, March 14, 2014

Silhouette Cameo Stencil Cuts

Hi :)
Well I was messing around with my Silhouette Cameo and wanted to make my own stencils. I bought Grafix Film from Michael's .005 thickness. I have heard that the .007 is a bit sturdier but that was all they had so i decided to try it anyway. First I used a Silhouette Image from the online store. I set it up on my Cameo to cut and Voila!!!
The setting I used were blade at 4 and selected the chipboard medium from the list.
I needed a sticky mat to I used a newer mat that I had.
I put the setting on double cut and left it at 33 with a speed of 2.

I got right into it and made a few :) .30 cents a stencil!
Now that I can deal with


Leigh Ann Baird said...

Where do you find Grafix film inside Michael's...which section of the store is it in?

I love this idea!

Joan Ervin said...

What a fabulous idea, Michelle...your stencils look great and only .30 cents a piece...can't get any better than that!!!

Marci Bensing said...

That is fantastic!

eve said...

I use my oldest mat to cut stencils and cut about a 5 x 5 piece of stencil blank. I tape it to the mat so it doesn't move. It's very successful. Occasionally I have had to hit start a second time before unloading the mat for a second cut when my blade is worn. I keep a separate blade for stencil cutting. I mark my blades with different coloured nail polish so I can identify them.

HappyCrafter said...

What a great idea! I have a silhouette cameo and never use it (the blades seem to break all the time and are so pricy!) but I never thought of doing this, thank you for the tip!