Thursday, June 21, 2012

WOW it's been that long...

...and here I thought it was only a few months that I had posted anything on my blog! Time to catch up and post up my cards :)

It has been a tough and stressful few months with life. I miss posting and hearing about everyone's creations and days. So, there is a lot for me to tell you all but I will update you one post at a time.

1st my health wast the greatest and was feeling really out of sorts for all different kinds of reasons. I have epilepsy so the new meds took awhile to get used to, especially with side effects. Not sleeping, no real appetite that sort of thing. However, in that time I did manage to make a few cards when i first got my new silhouette...weeeee...was so happy an excited that I just wanted it to work right away. the only problem I had was the blade that came with it. It was cutting but not cutting well enough through certain cardstocks. I got a new blade and have been having fun using it ever since. Here are some of the cards I made with the Silhouette. These tea cups were from the Silhouette store and couldn't resist the design.

I hope you all like them :)

Cards: Heavy based white CS Neenah paper, Bazzill CS (tea cups and frame), PP cut from Silhouette, Ebellishments: Iamroses petals, flower wire, string pearls and flat, mini paper flowers, rhinestones, ribbon and a felt flower.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

~You gotta Check this out...~

Ever heard of the weird holiday's called Spunky Old Broads Day, Lame Duck Day, or even, Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day! hahahahahaaaa..
To tell you the truth these seem to be real holidays...My favorite has to be Working Naked Day!!!
OMG can you imagine...actually lets can stop

Oh but I also like BLAME IT ON SOMEONE ELSE DAY!!! hahahaha
Okay well I think I'm having way to much fun with this...*giggle*

You have to check this list and why its up. It's very long but you wouldn't believe how many there are...especially if you've never seen this list before. While you're there check out her blog. Her cards are fab :)

HMMmmm......I now have an idea in mind for one of these weird holidays...I'll be back later y'all :)

First Silhouette Project!! Yay

Well I'm thrilled with my Silhouette!!! Everything about it I love and i still have so much more to do :)
I decided to cut out a round flower flourish that I found on the Studio site. I don't do Valentines cards to often but I thought I should at least try. The image the silhouette cut out was so pretty that I had to use it...and on a valentines card it goes.

So what do you think..? :)

I will have more very soon!

Monday, January 30, 2012

My New Silhouette CAMEO!!

Hellooooo everyone!!!
Happy Monday
I've been really busy lately but I wanted to share with some awesome news. I got a Cameo :)  Wooohoooo!! I've been searching and searching for a Silhouette for a long time now, and it's tough to get one here in Canada without paying either huge shipping costs. I didn't want to wait for pre ordering because, I hate the wait and well...I have no patience LOL. I've drooled and panted over this machine and was shocked that my DH found one at an amazing price! He took me to get it almost 2 hours away from town (I love him). The weather wasn't the greatest either even hitting black ice. We got home safe and rested....until today :) 

 Jillian who owns the store Scrapbook Central is wonderful and kind, gave me some awesome deals along with my Silhouette. I started playing with it and at first i was having issues and a few of them have been figured out. I will post more this week and I plan on posting up some projects. Acckkk I'm so excited I can barely sit still :)

Anyways have a great day everyone :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's Finally a New Year

Happy New Year!

Ok...I'm 3 days late..! Lol
I do hope though all of you had a wonderful holiday.
I did :) I got a Kobo reader for Xmas so I was very happy :)


So just to let you all know I'm trying to change the theme of my blog. I figure its time for a change. However it's driving me nuts. I have the old minima template and forgot how I created the three columns and so forth. I am also trying to put tabs on top of my blog to connect to other pages. I found that my blog can take a while to load to having pages for certain things will be helpful. I was on the web for about 6 maybe 7 hours trying to figure out how to add tabs at the top. Because this template is an older one, I'm finding difficult to find a tut to do this...and when I do, it just confuses

SO! before I post anything, I'd like to get this one thing done.

Suggestions or HELP is wholeheartedly WELCOMED :)
(did ya notice the bolded and highlighted areas?? lol can you tell I'm desperate!! lol)
See you all soon...I hope LOL