About Me

I'm a mom of a beautiful daughter and have a wonderful man who is supportive of my craft addictions. I started scrapbooking back in late 2003 when I lived in Markhan Ont., and then was introduced to world of stamping two years later. Well other than falling in love with the man of my dreams, I fell in love with what became an addiction...Stamping.

I was at one point selling my double page layouts and supplies on ebay, and even though it was somewhat profitable and had fun coming up with pages, it really did take up too much of my time. I began feeling like I was losing interest. I was creatively blocked. It did frustrate me more than anything and it became more of a chore than a hobby. THEN! I was introduced to the realm of stamping. The satisfaction I felt from it...to create something in such a short time was this instant feeling of gratification...and then it all started...lol...in 2007 we moved to a larger residence in a new town. There was a room that I knew I could be more creative in....and though it took awhile and a lot of convincing, it finally became all mine...my little piece of heaven.

It was later on, a suggestion was made about having website of some sort to share my cards/layouts. I looked and researched and nothing really appealed to me at the time. I finally found a place that had a mass of information about stamping...so I signed up. Splitcoast Stampers turned out to be the best site I had found! Many people I noticed were using a site called blogger. I was happy and relieved that it was easy and simple to follow...And that my friends is how I began sharing My Love...My Passion...My Obsession...of Stamping.

This is my story of how it all began....

I hope you enjoy your time here as I appreciate you stopping by to visit me.