Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time to get caught up and motivated!

Well the is first thing I'm going to do is apologize for my long absence. It has been a trying couple of months to say the least. Getting sick twice in 1 month was nothing compared to the rest of mt time away. I missed blogging which is actually one of my outlets but there's just been allot to deal with and hopefully now it's come to an END! :)
I wanted to thank EVERYONE for the kind words and concern for the passing of my uncle and for when I was sick. I really appreciate it the support I get from my readers it means more than you know.
Thank Yous out to Erin and Deb for sending me cards :) it was so sweet of you t think of me. I've got a lot of thank you when I post on SCS today. I have received such beautiful cards over the holidays, it was really hard to keep track of them all. I think maybe even some of the envies ended up in the trash :( I will get to all the thank yous I promise. :)
Okay now for the Bat mitzvah Invitations that I promised I'd post.

I was very happy with the way they turned out and pretty sure the customer was in fact "tickled pink".
70 Invitations on a very short amount of time especially during the holidays when shipping is unpredictable was definitely a challenge. I did get them done and packaged for the customer even though I was sick again at the time. But I wanted them happy...the picture doesn't do them justice at all. I would've taken a photo of all before I packaged it all up so nicely but I forgot.

Hope everyone has a great day :)

Friday, January 2, 2009


Just a little note for everyone who sent me well wishes. Thank you so much :)
But seriously I think I'm cursed or something....can you believe I'm sick again! I just got over a cold two weeks ago and I'm sick again. I was finishing the final touches on the invites I was making for a customer and thank goodness I finished them that night because the next morning I woke up and I was icky all over again...I couldn't understand it because I hadn't been around anyone who had been sick so I don't know.

The invites turned out wonderfully and hopefully when they come to pick them up they'll let me post them on my blog for all to see.

Well I need to go rest up as I found out this evening my uncle died and I'll be visiting the family tomorrow in the afternoon. I don't think I'll make it an hour but I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow seeing as I need to make the effort of an appearance before they ship his remains to his homeland for burial.

Have a nice weekend