Friday, October 31, 2008

Falls Simple Elegance

Well I've stopped in the middle of my busy day for a little bloggin today...or at least until later this evening when I can blog my DD Halloween costume...I think she said she was going as a THUG!...LOL...well I have a sarcastic nature and I wanted to say something smartalic but I was too tired to start an insult battle with my 15 yr old...I'm sorry but isn't she too old to be trick or treating...I mean c'mon now! Anyways...a little later I'll be posting pics of my evening.

Here is a Fall card I made. With the weather feeling more like Fall rather than winter I thought I'd share this one with you. I sold it and no longer have it :) I have to learn to stitch a little straighter but the buyer didn't seem to mind. She loved it so who am I to complain :)

This is the inside of the card
Card Recipe:
Stamps: "Stampin' Up" Brocade Basics.
Paper: 140lb WC paper (base) Close to Cocoa, Very Vanilla, unknown DP.
Inks: "SU" Close to Cocoa, Ruby Red
Embellishments: Crystal Effects, Pop Dots, Brads Stitching, Ribbon.
I'll be chattin' a little later :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Season's Greetings

Hi everyone, I didn't get a chance to upload this yesterday as it was a card for yesterdays technique challenge on SCS.
I used my favorites self adhesive gold beads for accenting the bottom of the card and the where else you see them. This technique was actually easy to do and loved the way the final end product came out. I didn't want to over do it because the card is already got a busy background so I decided to use gold accenting instead and of course matching ribbon.

I have another challenge to upload a little's actually todays challenge but it's not quite finished and I have to make dinner right now...hope you stop by later :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some Of My Favorites~Cont...2

The softness of the card background is what inspired the Serendipity quote. The background was sponged and lightly brayered and the stamped images were stamped with permanent black ink. The flower images were stamped, embossed, pop dotted for dimension and water colored. The sheer organdy ribbon holds a pearl hat pin. And of course my love of he glass rhinestones for that added touch of elegance.
Now the inside of the card was in fact stitched :) I didn't stitch the outside because it already looked nice the way it was. The image on the inside was stamped and embossed and sponged to compliment the front of the card. The stamps were from "Stampin' Up"

Some Of My Favorites~Cont...

Happiness and Harmony

Here is another with the same sponged background technique. I used dry embossing and cutting dies for the center sentiment. The wild flowers are from a stamp set from "Stampin'Up" I can't remember the name of the set right now. And of course stitching. My worst enemy at this point. I do try though. The butterflies are layered for demension with a hint of glittler on their bodies. I also glittered the outer matting of the card and the edges of the sentiment.

The inside of the card has been stitched, layered, and sponged for the same soft feel as the front of the card.
I think my favorite feature are the layered butterflies.

Some Of My Favorites

Well I promised some of my favorites this evening and here they are with a small description of each one.
First I'd like to apologize for the picture.It was over cast that day and some sun finally came out but I was also using a daylight lamp so the background is actually a shadow.
This card was my first card that entailed you can see it was my first I tried what can I say. This stamps I used were from "Stampin' Up" The blossoms were stamped and embossed in black on watercolor paper and also watercolored. I used an irridescent embossing power to give the branches a dusky glow.

The background image was sponged and brayered for the effect of dusky evening. The inside was also stitched and embossed.

My Moms Birthday Card

Good late morning, early afternoon, whatever it maybe where you are :) Well I've been surrounded by birthdays this month which has kept me busy and put a huge dent in my wallet. I went to a friends birthday dinner/dance thing last night which actually ended up being a celebration for 3 people. I didn't know the third person but it turned out nice. Mind you I wasn't to happy with the came cold. So I pretty much had to hurry and eat before it got any colder. Oh well...My DD had her second birthday dinner with her friends at a restaurant in the same street. So we were doing the Birthday thing this weekend...however my DD has been doing it for last two weeks. My mom is next...she wants to go to Red Lobster which was put off due to her busy schedule. Actually I like Red lobster so I can't wait for that dinner to come around. :)
Now I wasn't able to make a card for my friends but I made this card for my is so much like her...the colors and the color of the turned out beautifully I think. She loved least I think she doesn't really show a lot of emotion. I have more to share but will have to do that a little later I have a ton of things to get done today and I was a late riser today...check things out in the evening I'll have some of my favorites posted.

Friday, October 24, 2008


I really enjoyed this challenge only because I got to use a set I've been meaning to use since I got it. I'm really behind with the challenges and love doing them and now that I've started again you'll probably see more from me than the norm. With Xmas coming soon...(yeah I'm preparing for Xmas already) I'll have a lot of Xmas cards and goodies in the near future. This card looks so pretty in person I really don't think the picture I took does it justice...I tried to manipulate the pic enough to show off the details but this was as good as I was going to get with it. The edges were distressed and the snowbanks were dry embossed and glittered with stickles. I only use glass is my personal preference because the acrylic can look very plastic like on some designs, colors, layouts and so on. The glass rhinestones give off the same look as actual crystal gems which I happen to adore and you will see in many of my cards.. Sometime I do use Swarovski crystals when I make personal cards for friends and special occasions. I also used my favorite colors for this card :) River Rock, Black, and Bashful blue.

Card Recipe:
Stamps: Season of Friendship "Stampin' Up"
Paper: Whisper White, River Rock, Basic Black and Speckled CS unknown.
Ink: River Rock, Bashful Blue "Stampin' UP" Versafine Black
Embellishments: Glass rhinestones, Stickles, Cuttlebug Folders, Bashful Blue ribbon, Tab Punch

Challenge~LSC191~Christmas Wreath

This challenge was today's LSC191 and it felt like it took me forever to do. The design was simple enough to do but creating the wreath itself seemed to take the longest. And I was suppose to use pink in this challenge and I totally forgot! I actually remembered when I uploaded to the thread on SCS...oooooppps. I asked for bunch of people on SCS.

Now I had a few questions about the gold embellies. I got these at Michael's actually. They are just like the self adhesive pearls only in gold. It comes in a package with three different sizes and 144 pieces. Also come in pearl and silver.

Card Recipe:
Stamps: Little Paper Shop
Paper: DP, Brown textured CS, Bazzill Monochromatics.
Embellishment: MS leaf punch, Gold self adhesive pearls, Shimmer Ribbon, "Stampin' UP" punches and Dimensionals

Hey Scare-deee CAT!

My daughter is getting ready to go to Canada's Wonderland for the FEAR FEST! We went last year and it was a blast! Actually no I think it was the year before..and of course every year it rains for this event. I would like to go but DD doesn't want mommy tagging along. I loved the haunted houses and all the frightening THINGS that were walking around. I think the grossest thing for me was walking into the one haunted house and things crunching and scurring beneath your feet and when finding out they were actually cockroaches I started to freak OUT! I absolutely loathe those things. DH didn't seem to mind..I mean he does pick up bugs and throw them back outside with his bare hands...eeewwweee!!

This particular card was one of my many firsts. The background alone took my a few hours to create all done by hand. I tried my hardest to achieve a dusky looking nightfall to bring out the images I planned on using. I am truely happy with how this turned out.

Card Recipe:
Stamps: Autumn Appartitions "Stampin' Up"
Paper: Bazzill, DP, Glossy Cardstock
Ink: Stampin' Up and Versafine
Embellishment: Brads, Ribbon, White gel pen, Punches, Cuttlebug Folders

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Trick or Treat or Spider Feet

Okay so I have to say that spiders completely freak me out...even the small little baby ones. I get DH to pick them up and put them back outside. Now personally because they freak me out to the max it's out of reaction to kill them. I get yelled by DH about killing them so I let him deal with them. I'm sorry, but there are just some spiders that are too creepy to wait on DH to deal with. I remember a day My DD was sitting on the couch in our old house and this Toonie sized spider was sitting 1 foot away from her head and the shrill of her scream I swear should have shattered the glass heart literally jumped out of my ribcage. Well I had no choice but to deal with this spider by a show that was at the time. She did manage to laugh while I was jumping around try get rid of it.

Now when making this card my main goal was to make it look cute...but cute wasn't working for this card so I went a little more....seasonal...? I used my new Tim Holtz Distressing Inks for the background and the stamps were Inkadinkado.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Distressed Halloween

I love this card! I had a hard time with the background but once I perfected it the way I wanted, it turned out better than I had hoped. It was my first attempt with Tim Holtz Distressing Inks. I think I played all day when they were delivered by the mail man :) I came up with some really nice vintage backgrounds for a few other cards I had in mind. Those will be posted at a later date.

Halloween for me isn't much of an event in our house and I wish it would be because I love dressing up and singing the Monster Mash. Who can resist dressing up and being something or someone else for a day. I have some costumes laying around but they dont get any use. Now my daughter just turned 15 used to love Halloween and got excited weeks before the day even arrived. Her mind would change daily about what she would dress up as. My favorite was when she dressed up as Blossom from the Power Puff loved that cartoon. Those were the days I suppose.

So here is the card...the envelope was also handmade by me. I used the envelope maker which I absolutely love. When I have some more time I will start listing a materials list so you'll know what I have used for each card. Have a great day :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Blog Breakthrough!

I had thought about doing a blog for a long time I just didn't have the courage to do it. I mean so many people out there have stamping blogs and I'd prefer to read theirs then do my own. I have had a lot of requests to see my cards and the samples I have are usually OOAK (One Of A Kind) until they're either given away or sold. So I have finally decide to have a blog of my own to showcase the cards I have made in the past and presently.
Because I am still new to this whole proces I hope you'll be patient with me :)

Here is a holiday card I made awhile ago. Notice the doily lace punch is missing a hole...grrrr...didn't notice it until after the card was finished. I'l have to return the punch and get another one. Still a favorite of mine. Hope you like it :)