Friday, January 29, 2010

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!

My sister and new hubby wubby! Aren't they distgustingly cute...LOL....I did her thank you cards for her wedding. These pictures really don't do them justice but then most pics don't cards justice.

There were 150 + self addressed envelopes. I used the Wedding set from SU for the side image. Stamping 150 of them in one day was hard on the hands...the stamp itself was on a large block so my hand kept well. Scoring the top for added interest was easy  but the inside where I printed her special message was more time consuming because of the kraft photo corners. I had to get hubby to help me with them. Yeah I go his butt working for me this time and boy did he have a hard's no so simple HUH Dear! I did use glitter to make the image pop a bit which took just as long to do because of the drying time but it looked nice and elegant enough for people to keep it as a memorable piece. But simple enough that if they chose to keep the picture - which pops out BTW, instead of keeping the whole card they can just toss it. Like most of us, we will keep the whole thing but there are those that just want the pic and stick it n the album.

My sister did like them and thats all that mattered anyways right....?

On the front of the cards is a Butterfly. The bottom image if you click on it will show you a close up of it because it is white on white it's difficult to see it in the photo.

It's nice and sunny today...even though it's a bit nippy I'm going to take advantage of the daylight for so stamping...see you all later :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sorry I've been MIA!

Hello everyone! I have found some time to myself to put up the rest of the gift sets I did for Xmas. I wish I could have more time to make cards but I've been working on a new project. Wedding Invitations! My very first...from beginning to end. I'll be doing Save The Date cards, the Invitations, RSVP, and Thank You Cards. I'm really excited about it. So I'll post as I go with the samples I'll making :)

For now here are one of the sets I did. Nice and simple but one of my favorites. All the sets I made come with gift tags and a memo book or wish list. With the amount of supplies I have not used I decided to go through my stash to what I had and use them up :) No more Xmas I

Here is another view with the set all ready to be packaged up :)

This set was one of the last ones I did. It was one of the fasted sets to make. What is that they less is more.

Here's another view with the cards .

Dontchya love penguins!! this is waaaayyy to cute.

Thanks For Looking :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Ya! I know I'm a week late with the CHEERS!! and Noise you'd think that the year that I've had I would be ringing in the new year with a bang...I wanted to...but dear hubby had other plans...they didn't work out like he had hoped and we ended up watching a movie. So needless to say I was not happy on New Years!!!  I warned him it wasn't going to happen but he didn't listen. So HIS new years resolution!!! LISTEN TO YOUR WIFE!!! LOL

I do hope everyone had wonderful holiday one they will remember and even record it because this is the year my dear friends where change is going to happen. Especially in my world...And I'll be forcasting some of the changes in the new future. I have many resolutions, all pretty much realistic, but many of them...I will definitely be a busy lady this year.

I am posting the rest of my holiday cards that I made for friends and family. I will be also be posting the xmas sets I made this year for family and friends. I am going to be posting a lot more than I have been because I do have lots more coming up but you'll just hav to wait and see :)

All the holiday cards were made with materials I had already owned except for the curly punch on the Season Greetings Card. I love that punch! I tried to challenge myself with colors I would never usually use for the pinks and was hard! *big whine* I'm such a traditional type and when I go outside my comfort zone I become lost and I fool around with enough and I can come up wih something I would actually like to give someone.

So here they ar and I hope you like them :)

Card Recipe:

Stamps: SU, MFT
Ink: SU, Stazon, Versafine
Paper: SU, GP white, Unknown Gold and Silver, Bazzil CS
Embellishments: Ribbon, Raffia, Cord, Rhinestones, Brads, MS and Ek Success Punches.