Monday, June 23, 2014

My First Time Selling My Crafty's

Hi Everyone
I have been having blogger issues and for awhile gave up trying to figure out why I'm have problems posting. So I hope this one works out.
Soooo... I had a festival for June 1 and made some things for our table. I shared it with a friend of mine from work. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this or not because of the amount of people who go to it, ranges in 50,000 - 60,000.
Did I do well...? no.. :( I will try again at other venues...maybe.. lol..
I'm posting some picture here from the festival.
I have different view on how it set up my section, and as you can see I love my doilies :)
Click to enlarge.
I far right corner are these little hats that were made by my partner. These were my favorite of her items.

here are some pin cushion from one view

Another view of the table
My skinny note pads with pens

Wine cork key chains. I made these very simple..How ever I should have showcased these better. I got a lot of compliments on these.

Ribbon jeweled bookmarks. I had some many more but I didn't finish them in time.

These are the book hook bookmarks. I charmed them up :)

And last but not least. A close up of one of my favorite color combos. The shabby chic look :)
I'm also looking into different things that are good sellers.
If anyone wants to give out some tip and ideas please do.
Have a nice day guys!! :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Silhouette Cameo Stencil Cuts

Hi :)
Well I was messing around with my Silhouette Cameo and wanted to make my own stencils. I bought Grafix Film from Michael's .005 thickness. I have heard that the .007 is a bit sturdier but that was all they had so i decided to try it anyway. First I used a Silhouette Image from the online store. I set it up on my Cameo to cut and Voila!!!
The setting I used were blade at 4 and selected the chipboard medium from the list.
I needed a sticky mat to I used a newer mat that I had.
I put the setting on double cut and left it at 33 with a speed of 2.

I got right into it and made a few :) .30 cents a stencil!
Now that I can deal with

Monday, March 10, 2014

Having some ISSUES with blogger Grrr!

Hi everyone

For some reason my posts are disappearing or not loading. I keep getting the error code and I'm not sure what is going on. As you can see I've changed my blog around but I can only go through Google Chrome to do anything.
I'm annoyed just writing about it. Some of the changes are showing up better on IE rather that Google and vise versa .

I'll probably load up another rant if I can figure this out.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Time to get back into the groove

Its been too long since I've blogged.I was caring for my dad who had a stroke November 2012 In that whole time I have very little time to myself. I lost him. He passed away this past November. 

I joined a swap a Split Coast Stampers. I thought it might help me engage in things I used to enjoy. It was a  a Christmas Elf SS Swap. My father had passed away during the swap and it was difficult. However, when I got mine I was smiling from ear to ear.  She was understanding and patient as I was taking on a lot with the passing of my father.

I became behind in another swap that I was happy doing and she too was very understanding. I decided to join a couple more to get me back into the groove again. It was definitely a challenge for me with the two projects you see below.

I've never created an Asian card before stalked the net for ideas. You'll never guess what turned out to be my inspiration! KARATE KID LOL "wax on wax off" :)

Now I think it turned out okay but like I said it was a challenge.
The photo below is the shutter doors, I used vellum to make it look like the Japanese doors made with frosted glass. I think it was glass, or maybe some sort of rice paper.
This is the inside with a silhouette of a bamboo branch on the Red Sun.
I also made envelopes with some Asian paper from my stash that I found.
Here is another project I did for a swap. I have always wanted to try and make a mini tin. I love vintage, shabby chic etc.. I forgot to take photos of all of the tin. I used small coned bead caps as feet on them so it can stand like a little mini box..The inside of the tins were pillowed with fabric.
I used Ink Gold and Gesso to give it a vintage feel. If you click on the photo you' be able to see the other details.

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think. :)