Monday, June 23, 2014

My First Time Selling My Crafty's

Hi Everyone
I have been having blogger issues and for awhile gave up trying to figure out why I'm have problems posting. So I hope this one works out.
Soooo... I had a festival for June 1 and made some things for our table. I shared it with a friend of mine from work. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this or not because of the amount of people who go to it, ranges in 50,000 - 60,000.
Did I do well...? no.. :( I will try again at other venues...maybe.. lol..
I'm posting some picture here from the festival.
I have different view on how it set up my section, and as you can see I love my doilies :)
Click to enlarge.
I far right corner are these little hats that were made by my partner. These were my favorite of her items.

here are some pin cushion from one view

Another view of the table
My skinny note pads with pens

Wine cork key chains. I made these very simple..How ever I should have showcased these better. I got a lot of compliments on these.

Ribbon jeweled bookmarks. I had some many more but I didn't finish them in time.

These are the book hook bookmarks. I charmed them up :)

And last but not least. A close up of one of my favorite color combos. The shabby chic look :)
I'm also looking into different things that are good sellers.
If anyone wants to give out some tip and ideas please do.
Have a nice day guys!! :)


Louise Forsyth said...

Gorgeous projects :) thanks loads for entering my blog candy.

Andrea said...

Stunning work! You have some serious talent :)

I think shows are a hit or miss type of thing. I've done shows where I sold tons (and it was a surprize) and other shows where I sold nothing. It truly depends on the people coming thru the door - are they in the mood to buy? Sometimes you get the customers who really dig your work and walk away with your product all smiles. Other times you can't give your product away LOL

Never stop creating and never stop looking for a new venue to sell your creations.

Helene said...

Don't give up, your work is stunning! There's always another exhibition, and after looking at your pictures close up, I find your work much prettier than what I've seen on different exhibitions when visiting!


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HappyCrafter said...

Amazing projects, I love how feminine it all is and yet not too fife! I have heard that craft shows of any type are really hard to break even on, have you tried setting up an online shoe on easy? I don't think it costs a lot, and have heard of people getting good sales from it. Do let us us know how the next venires work out :-)