Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My AVON Open House Party!

Hi everyone it's been a long time and I'm having a rough time to say the least...I'm trying to stamp but, I've not only been really busy with my Avon Open House, I've been on this new emotional rollercoaster that has me stressed out to the max. But things have been getting better. I'm hoping I'll have more time for my blog as I have definitely missed chatting with you all and sharing the new ideas that come about everyday.

Well I can't tell you how crazy things have been lately. I had an AVON Open House with two other I have been told I was nuts to have it with other reps and should do it myself. They told me it'll cause conflicts, but I just started out with AVON and I didn't have much in they way of demos so when I was approached I agreed. I was enjoying it at first but there were things I wanted to do that I couldn't because of definitely was an experience I probably won't do again.

We had door prizes, on the spot draws and a gift basket draws. I did all the creative stuff which of course I loved more then anything else. I will be posting pics soon and promise to start blogging more regularly :) Thanks you to everyone who sent me encouraginging emails of support :)

I've missed you all
Be Back Soon! I promise!!!!