Thursday, December 19, 2013

Swap That Cheered Me Up

I know I've been MIA.
While I was taking care of my dad things did better. I had a little more time, and even tried to get back into the swing of things and making my cards. Work had also been keeping me busy so I was always distracted but tired at the same time. But good tired not a stressed tired :)
My dad was a diabetic and had a stroke November last year. It was really tough on me being the only still is. You probably have noticed so far that I'm talking about him in past tense.
A small infection increased to full blown Pneumonia. The doctors gave me the worst news and then terrifying news about what I would have to face and the decision I myself had to make. He lasted a week and I held his hand to the very end...He passed November 22.
I am still grieving pretty hard however, I did manage to finish a swap. I was really behind in just about everything, even paying my bills. The swap, which was the 12 days of Xmas Secret Sister Elf swap, made me smile and even feel something other than sadness.
My Elf sent me a package with goodies that put a big smile on my face. Here are some pictures that I took of her gifts. I only opened this this morning. We all were to open them yesterday but my SS didn't get hers yet and I refused to open mine until she gets hers.

This is card she sent with my SS package. Blue is my favorite color and this picture does not do it justice!!! It's so pretty with touches of glitter.. Sweet

This is the inside of the box before I started ripping into it :)

They are all numbered for each day of Xmas. I'm a charm hog and I love them all..but look at the tiny little bucket !!! it's stinkin cute! And Teas with the most adorable names.. Night Owl and Unicorn Tears :) Love it

My SS fulfilled my next photo Big Grin!!

Comfy cozies sockies...*sigh* I just had to put them on :)

In this pic are handmade tea cups with teas inside them So creative and love this idea. Vellum paper that I wanted and Sparkle stamps that I adore and can't wait to use. This snowman tag is adorable. Snow men and penguins are the cutest for cards.

What more can I ask for.
I smiled, genuinely for the first time in weeks.



Becky said...

How wonderful to get such wonderful little gifts.

Karen Howard said...

Lovely card, I really like the papers you used and those trees are fabulous! Hugs, Karen

Michelle said...

When My SS sent that card I thought it was sooo. The pic doesn't do it justice :)