Monday, October 21, 2013

Hi everyone. I have a swap share :)

I finally decided to do a swap that interested me. It was a 3D swap and I did struggle with it because I had so many ideas going on in my head I couldn't make up my mind. I forgot to take pictures of the box but I did get my swap partner to send me one... I'm really glad she liked because I myself was a little unsure about it. But seeing it in an actual photo made it seem prettier than I gave myself credit for
This project consisted of two wooded trays the I attached together to incorporate a box. I gessoed to prime the box and then used (believe it or not)athletic tape a would use gymnast. It was flexible enough to hold the two tray together. I then chose some vintage paper to seal the box. All the embellishments were mostly made by me, except for some of the funky metal charms. I laced the edges with black lace and attached to metal corners to hold a draped chain in the front. I aged it with some distressed ink. the Inside I felted with some patterned felt in a deep red. She also got a little surprise inside. She loved it and I'm happy :)Hope you all like it.

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