Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Fantastic Find and Great InFo!!!

Hey there everyone...well I'm not posting a card to today but will be posting links and feeding you all some terrific info...

A very dear friend of mine whose daughter is a grand Make-Up artist now has a blog of her own. I always get irritated when I have to buy a piece of make because testing it in the stores are not always going to look the same as when you bring it home and then put it on. Then that is when you end up deciding if it suited you or not...then decide if was a waste of money. Been there DONE that!!! lol

The links below will get you directly to Karleigh's Blog

Here is a link I think everyone would get something out of

This link too Is also extremely helpful

Here is a tip with using eyeliners

Now for me personally I love make up and have used almost every product under the sun so the info I'm finding on her blog is actually helping me decide on what my colour swatch should be. Highlights, foundations...lip colors and so what do you do with the make your not using...

Well Ladies!!! we all Make Cards and Scrapbook and there is lots of info on the net about how to incorporate unused make items instead of dishing out mounds of money that some of us either don't have or are not just willing to spend..Links for those too will soon follow.

Enjoy the info and let me know what you all think or better yet leave her a comment letting her know how she was found.
Have a good day all!!

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Scrapping Julie said...

cool beans thanks for the info!