Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Corrosive Challenge #91 80's Flashback!!!

hey everyone...I'm late this week with my challenge entry for Janets Blog. I've had a great but busy week :) With the holiday's coming very quickly I am trying to get as much shopping as I can before the CRAZY rush!! I'm almost done!!! Whoo hoo :)

Let get to the Challenge :) I made a card but  ruined and will try it again and then post it, but I did come up with this box. My very first Sony Walkman or walkman period was one that was 5lbs heavy and an over the shoulder strap...lol The headphones are the handles...remember those big spongy things...lol...Talk about nostalgia...lol...I came up with this box for a couple of reasons...I loved John Hughs Movies and the Breakfast Club is still without a doubt one of my favorites...The song Don't You Forget About Me used to blare throughout my house when the parents weren't home...and i still do today...lol...The era of Michael Jackson being the first Black African American to televise a music video...where Madonna broke all the rules of tasteful lyrics (love her)...where Flashdance was the first sexy dance flick then along came the Hottie of the 80's Patrick Swayze..(drool) in Dirty Dancing...time machines were made of DeLoreans...lol.Love Michael J Fox!!...the big hair...skin tight jeans...leg warmers and neon colors to boot....and lets not forget the when VHS beat out Beta...lol...to many memories to count...too many good times...The best decade of the century..why...because it was the most unique in its style and life was an adventure with the movies, music, fashion...you name it....I loved this challenge...Thanks Janet!!!


Paper: Black bazzill 12x12, SU CC, Bazzill White, unknown Silver
Ink: SU white, CC
Stamps: NONE :) Comp title
Embellishments: Circle Punches and other punches, pop dots...


Martha said...

wow, this is just so kool!

Angie Williams said...

OMG just the cutest bag!! Great job!

Janet said...

this is awesome! love it:)

JanR said...

Your box is totally tubular, fer sure....but the 80s??? Gag me with a spoon.

Syke! The 80s were killer. ;)